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Catching Fire“, the sequel to the „Hunger Games“ is almost perfect movie adaptation that stays extremely close to the source material, empowering the message presented on the paper version of the story.

The story itself follows the fallout of the 74th Hunger Games won by both Katniss and Peeta. The revelation of having two victors shook Panem to the ground and now people are facing the stark possibility of a rebellion. In the middle of the whole situation is Katniss herself, whose provocative actions spawned a spark of hope in everyone’s hearts. Now that she is posing as a beacon oh hope, a live version of a Mockingjay, Capitol wants to get rid of her. That’s why they embrace a perfect plan. I won’t write more about the plot itself, because it is really worth to watch it unravel on screen on its own.

What amazed me in „Catching Fire“ was the fact that the movie stayed really close to the source material, sometimes even quoting important pieces of dialogue. You can make an argument that „Catching Fire“ is one of the best adaptations. Being really true to what Suzanne Collins wrote, the new director, Francis Lawrence, made a movie that stayed true to the first adaptation as well. The movies played well off each other, giving more details to the world presented in the „Hunger Games“. The switch between the directors was a smooth one and brought on new energy to the set, which is visible in almost every shot of the movie.

The story is told in such an intense way that emotions are accumulating all the time. At times you can’t even keep them longer inside. For me, the most touching scene was the one with looking at the sky, when Peeta, Katniss and a Morphling were in the water. Nice callback to the scene with Rue, showing the emotional depth of our main characters. I also liked the way they portrayed my favourite scene in all three books – getting into the arena. Although it didn’t stay true to the way I depicted it in my head while reading the book (I imagined Katniss surrounded from every angle with water, not being able to see anything else, not even on the horizon – I thought „that’s a neat way to kill them off really quickly – let them drawn or die from starvation, since they cannot move anywhere”), it still made an impact. The same impact as many other scenes. Emotional ride brought on by the whole movie crew was terrific and grabbing attention throughout the entire experience. Palpable tension was one of the main characteristics of the movie and the reason I enjoyed it so much.

The actors were as good as before, sometimes showing even more emotional range than in the first „chapter“ of the story. Jennifer Lawrence was terrific as Katniss, showing all of her inner struggles. I especially loved her changing expression in the final scene of the movie, showing big change of emotional impact of the news she just received. Such a small scene, but so huge when talking about shift in meaning. Josh Hutcherson was as good as in the first movie; the same goes to Liam Hemsworth, whose role was a bit bigger than previously. I really liked the evolution of Haymitch and Effie and the way that Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks captured their (now) friendly and caring faces.

I was also really happy with Sam Claflin’s performance. When I first heard the news that he will be getting the role of Finnick Odair I was a bit afraid, because I had in mind his not-so-good performances in „Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides“ and „Snow White and the Huntsman“. I was really pleased that the British actor finally showed some acting skills. He was a truly good Finnick, close to the book character. The addition of Philip Seymour Hoffman was also a nice touch, giving the Capitol more naturalistic face. It was a bit reassuring to see a person from the Capitol, whose appearance wasn’t so over-the-top.

I also liked the choice of music – most of the score was the reminiscence of the first movie score, with its characteristic rhythms and notes, which gave the world the impression of continuity. I especially liked the score to Caesar Flickermann’s show, bursting with positive energy, which now stood in stark contrast to the overall heavy atmosphere of the movie. On the other hand I missed the impact of Coldplay’s „Atlas“, which played on the closing-credits. It didn’t have the same raw power of Arcade’s Fire „Abraham’s Daughter“ from the first installment, being a bit too sweet and cheerful. But maybe I should give it one more chance and listen to it separately?

All in all – I feel so fulfilled by the movie. So much emotion, such intensity. Magnificent! Right after watching it I feel like it was one of the best movies of the year. I strongly recommend it! 9/10!

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  1. ~Isabel

    28 listopada 2013 o 10:00

    I just wonder, how they make Hunger Games 3 with burning children, and sister Katnis?

  2. ~Damian

    1 grudnia 2013 o 20:28

    Naprawdę dobry film. Bardzo polecam.

  3. ~Michał Kliszczak

    4 grudnia 2013 o 15:22

    My favorit :)

  4. ~promes

    13 grudnia 2013 o 13:18

    re-we-la-cja! ale książka i tak lepsza!

  5. ~jola

    15 grudnia 2013 o 00:11

    czytając Twoją opinię, btw nie wiem czemu piszesz po angielsku, stwierdzam że film jest warty obejrzenia

  6. ~Emila.

    6 stycznia 2014 o 18:59

    Rzeczywiście film dobry (choć pierwsza część lepsza, a w tej części końcówka mnie rozczarowała – ale to pewnie wina zdarzeń w książce – nie wiem, nie czytałam)!

    Dlaczego piszesz po angielsku? :(

  7. ~jotory559

    23 lutego 2014 o 23:53

    i hed never liked this movie

  8. ~maciuso

    6 kwietnia 2014 o 00:43

    very good book

  9. ~barbara

    28 maja 2014 o 10:31

    Really good movie. Great music.


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