Best of 2013 – Music Edition

08 lut

I actually wonder if it really is the best of the best music of 2013, but for sure the one I have been playing the most last year. (Of course with a special addition of Erasmus Music, which I posted some time ago).

And now, without further ado, my choices, ladies and gentlemen. ENJOY!

Counting Stars OneRepublic

I guess this song is my this years „Breath of Life” – the song I played the most times this year. So much so that now I am happily holding a ticket to OneRepublic’s concert. :)

Conquest of Spaces Woodkid

This year gave us a full album debut of Woodkid, the French artist that stole my heart in 2012 with Iron and Run Boy Run. Now, with the album in my hands, another song that captivated my attention is the „Conquest of Spaces”. My new favourite in the artists collection. Sounds perfect on the album and sounded awesome live on concert.

Arabella Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys’s album „AM” is one of the best things that happened to 2013 in music and this song is one of the best examples why it is so. The musical hook in Arabella combined with it’s so funny, yet so awesome lyrics (with my favourite line „The horizon tries, but it’s not just kind on the eyes”) is so amazing that every time I hear this song I just smile immensely. Of course almost EVERY song from this album could find it’s place on the list, but this one is my absolute favourite.

Love Illumination Franz Ferdinand

For the energy, fun, upbeat message and great sound live :)


Walk the Moon was one of my biggest discoveries of 2012 and now they gave us a new EP album, filled only with few songs, all of which made me smile immensely almost of the time. This song is a prime example of Walk The Moon’s power to lighten up a day.

True Blood Justin Timberlake

Timberlake gave us not one, but two albums last year, both of them filled with really catchy, dancy music. Although hit-wise the „20/20 Experience part 1″ is better thant „part 2″, the song that stayed with me the longest is the nice long tune „True Blood”, which just evokes the perfect atmosphere and musical magic that captivates my attention. #GoodJobJustin.

Evil Eye Franz Ferdinand

For all the craziness this song brings out, for the awesome scream at the beginning, and also, for the most gruesome music video of last year. :)

Let It Go The Neighberhoud

Just an awesome song, no explanation needed there. I got to thank Milczący Krytyk for showing me this band, with their cool song „Sweather Weather”, because this enabled me to listen to them even more.

Just One Yesterday Fall Out Boy

I guess Fall Out Boy’s album „Save Rock and Roll” was one of the few albums on which I adored almost every song this year (the other two being „AM” by Arctic Monkeys and „The Golden Age” by Woodkid). It’s mostly because the guys play around with their music style, combining rock with pop elements, giving us a cheerful and powerful mix. This song is a perfect example of this and my favourite from the whole album….

Where Did the Party Go Fall Out Boy

… accompanied by this one, which actually is a lead in to „Just One Yesterday” on the album. Those two fit together perfectly and gave me a lot of energy this year. :)

(Oh yeah – and I guess I should finally watch those music videos accompanying the album, cause they are shot like one big movie) xD

Can’t Hold Us Macklemore

Raw energy and shitload of fun! Sounds awesome live too. :) (No wonder I told you about this song already in February) ;)

Big Bad Wolves Walk The Moon

The shortest Walk the Moon song, a bit different in style, but that’s exactly why it’s so awesome! :D

Inhaler FOALS

My Number FOALS

I kind of run out of things to say, so let me just write – I like them very much. :) So much actually that I even went to their concert and had shitload of fun. And the songs sounded nice live too (proof)

+ Sounds Like Balloons Biffy Clyro

Known thanks to the Coke Live Music Festival, pretty awesome, just so! :) (+ „Black Chandelier” is awesome too. My two favourites! :) )

Let It Go I am Giant

Same title, different emotions. This song comes roughly from the beginning of the year and although I didn’t listen to it this much as the others, I still really like it. Not „the best”, nor „the most listened to”, but as a bonus to this list it will suit perfectly. ;)


Disclaimer: Yeah, I guess this list isn’t actually the longest and showcasing every major musical discovery I’ve made during the last few months. I just tried to put into use the songs that really stood out in my mind (and ears) this year. Maybe I should really steal the idea of putting my music discoveries online every month, so then I (and by proxy you, my dear reader), would be better informed of my musical journey and could nicely reflect on it in the future? :) #Iguessyoureontosomethingtheremate ;)

Disclaimer 2: Yeah, this list really isn’t full. I even kinda look at it and think that it even is a bit random with choices sometimes.

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