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28 lut

February was an interesting month in my music discoveries. At first I even thought I wouldn’t have anything to post in this list, as I’ve been listening to the same songs as mentioned before. But then the month progressed and I started gathering some new tracks. And this is the list I came up with. So without further introduction – Enjoy! :)

Stay 30 Seconds to Mars

A song which stayed with me the longest after an amazing concert I’ve been to. Perfect rendition of the original with even rawer, more powerful energy. The version provided doesn’t do justice to hearing it live in a concert hall full of people for the first time. Amazing cover!

Northern Lights 30 Seconds to Mars

#EpicSong and that about sums it up. The best song on „Love Lust Faith + Dreams”, that’s for sure. (And the album itself catches glimpses of „Tron: Legacy’s” soundtrack at times).

Conquistador 30 Seconds to Mars

This is my second favourite from the new album, which is saying something, because most of the songs collected there are fucking awesome. I love this one, because of it’s upbeat tempo and good energy.

Your New Beloved Lovelife

The freshest song on the list, a truly new discovery, made thanks to iTunes’s Song of the Week programme, which I enjoy really much, because it allows me to find such nice songs. :) BTW. It reminds me of some other band/artist, but I cannot wrap my mind around it. Any suggestions? :)

February was also month o re-discovery of some of the really nice songs. Sometimes a new opportunity stroke for me to remember about particular sounds or I just finally learned the name of that awesome party song I’ve been hearing for months. So, without further ado, here’s my newest musical list. Enjoy! :)

Take Me To Church Hozier

This was a song suggested to me by my friend (TFD Eva) few months ago, as a thank you for putting „Let It Go” into here life. I like it, but didn’t yet fell in love with it completely. But it’s really good :) I rediscovered it now, because of Bastille and this post. (Yeah, yeah – the beginning of the year really stays under the sing of the British band). …

Fictional State To Kill A King

… Case in point. ;) To Kill a King were a support for Bastille’s concert in CPH (we’ve actually met them too, nice lads) and we liked their music so much that we went to their regular show too. :) Not only because of this song, but many more (mainly „Wolves”), but in February this song stuck in my head longest. :)

Wolves To Kill A King

My favourite in To Kill A King’s dyscography. Mostly because of the perfect concert chorus, not heard in the original version. The band had an awesome contact with the crowd and this showed especially with this song. It took people 5 seconds to start singing the words to this song, after hearing it for the first time.

Skulls Bastille

Well, my Bastille phase didn’t pass, which means that the British band is still one of the most played by me lately. And this song is another fine example in their collection. Yeah – I like how it all started with „Pompeii” those months ago, but now it’s the least listened to song. I prefer their slower, more emotional approach lately. ;)

And now after this more emotional music, time for some party tunes ;)

Talk Dirty Jason Derulo feat. 2Chainz

Just a good party song, nothing to add here.


Party song for a few months now, but just this month finally let me know how this song is actually called.

+ Niggas In Paris Kanye West & Jay-Z

This song should actually be on the Erasmus Music playlist I realised lately. Every time it went on on the parties, everybody „went gorillas” ;) The cool thing about it is that nowadays the same thing happens. :) So I guess it will find it’s place on the Erasmus Music Playlist, part Deux. ;)

+ Everything is AWESOME! :) Teagan & Sara feat. The Lonely Island

Well, this month gave me a nice cinema trip for the LEGO Movie. And this tune presented there many times, brought my attention, because of its optimistic beat and lyrics. Rather fun than serious listening I thought I’d mention it here as a nice bonus. ;)

Well, that’s it for this time! I must tell you – I am enjoying these compilations. It’s a nice showcase of the interesting things I am listening to. And since the music is one of the things you should really spread out and share the joy, I like that these posts allow me to do exactly this. And so – what YOU’ve been listening to lately? :)

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