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31 mar

After musical madness of February and some nice tunes cought up in January, March hasn’t been so rich in new music. The one’s that are on this list are some nice songs I listened to, but I am not really passionate about any of them. (I still didn’t download any of them, truth be told). Having have said that, catch some of them.

Who Are You, Really?! Mikky Ekko

Song discovered by watching the first episode of the sixth season of „True Blood„. And, truth be told, this was the high point of the episode. Unfortunatelly. (Oh, and it seems that it played in „Teen Wolf” too, but I didn’t notice it there. Odd, cause it’s nice :)

The Sun The Naked and Famous

Another proper song from new season of „True Blood”. Nicely electronic with interesting vocals.

When The Fire Starts to Burn Disclousure

One of the best songs in Disclousure’s sing collection. I just remembered it randomly this month and listen to it happily.

Stick Up Max Schneider

A discovery made thanks to the „Veronica Mars Movie” in which the song fitted perfectly.

Same Mistakes The Echo Friendly

A nice tune found in one of the „Girls” episodes. It cought my attention „for a little while” (quote from „Dollhouse” ;) ).

Best Day of my Life American Authors

Discovered during one of my cinema trips, I forgot it for a while, just to be re-introduced to it later during the month. Upbeat, optimistiv, very  spring-like song. Worth at least one listen, especially with a nice video.

White Dress Ben Rector

Discovered while picking up a band for my friends wedding, it cought my attention really quickly, being almost tailor-made for my taste.

Flytta Pa Dej Alina Devecerski

Really strong, pretty weird party tune!

Give Me Love Ed Sheran

I don’t know why, but today I felt like listening to some Sheran. I guess TFD Eva, cause you were the first one, who introduced me to his music in full velocity.

I See Fire Ed Sheran

Melancholic climate of this song was very IN for me at the end of March (namely today) for me. The best part of „Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug„.

You need me, I don’t need you Ed Sheran

TFD Eva especially for this one, because this is exactly the type of song I like. Maybe because it follows the same crazy lyric tempo as my favourite Mraz‚s song „The Dynamo Of Volition„. Oh and the video is also really nice! :)

Yeah, I guess this time that’s it!

+ Thanks for some propositions made by some of you this month. Unfortunately non of them cought my attention for longer, sorry about that. But who knows what will happen after another listen? Stay Tuned! ;)

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