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11 maj

April was a month of travel. A quick info before the list of new music discoveries made this month. I feel like I am missing something on this list though. Nevermind – just enjoy ;)

Murder Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-z

Although I’ve got JT’s album since it premiered in September, by some weird coincidence I’ve discovered this song few days ago. And since that time I am listnening to it on instant-repeat, cause the base-line and the way the lyrics roll of the artists tongue are really captivating. Actually – at some point it even sounds like something that could be written for Rihanna, but I am glad that it’s JT who sings it. Great tune – nothing to add there! ;)

Pistols and Hearts (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Prague discovery. Very catchy, very party-like. I simply enjoy it! (TFD Filip (and in part Alejandro) ;)

Booty in the Face Deero

This song should have been put on this list a long time ago actually, somwehere around Erasmus Music even, but for some weird reason I did not get it into my collection before.

Undressed Kim Cesarion

A Sweedish song that comes up often in the Danish radio and easily caught my attention. I like the smooth rhytm and the vocals. And the lyrics? Well, couldn’t be more to the point with these types of songs. ;)

Told You So Christopher

OK, so when talking about music heard on the Danish radio, which caught my attention, maybe it’s prime time to write something about Christopher. I’ve heard this song several months ago, liked it, but never got it permanently. But I think now is the time, cause nice Danish music is always nice. Although yeah – you cannot really tell he’s Danish, right? ;) He sounds like a JT wannabe a little ;) But so what? It sounds nice! :) I like! ;)

Watch out for this Major Lazor

Yeah, speaking of songs known for months. This one is like our nice party tune, which also plays in our heads often even during the days (Watch out for this, cannot resist is a sentence I often hear thanks to Gulo :D), so it’s prime time that I included it in those monthly music ramblings. Party music is always in demand :D (TFD Guleycon)

Drop The Game Flume & Chet Faker

It’s an OKayish song, which is nice to listen to. But what brought my attention to it is definitely the awesome dance moves.  :) (TFD Niklas)

Sony Commercial

Speaking of nice dance moves, I also recommend watching this nice commercial for Sony. Actually now that I got that it’s the same dancer (Brooklyn’s Storyboard) it all makes sense now. ;) Michael’s song in this clip is nice too :)

Don’t You Worry Child

A very nice cover of one of my Erasmus Songs (TFD Dealeur)

Liar Liar

It took me some time to enjoy this song in total. Even now I didn’t fall in love with it, but several times I found myself wanting to listen to it. So I have decided to add it here. Cause why not? It’s nice, simple as that. (TFD Monika)

If So Atlas Genius

Another OKayish song I’ve heard a long time ago. And the video is also nice, recreating this one really nice travel video, we’ve all seen. ;)
It’s gonna fly out of my head easily, but it’s nice, so why not share it? :)


April also gave me some nice song selection, made through watching several movies in the cinema. :)

My Enemy (Paranoia) (Electro Theme) Hans Zimmer and the Magnificent Six

Amazing track from the „Amazing Spiderman 2” soundtrack, which amazingly fits on screen and is the main reason I thought I should listen more to the OST, something which I don’t do regularly. But the mixture of classical music with dubstep elements presented in this track is really captivating attention. It does way better on the big screen than on just plain audio, but I enjoyed it so much in the cinema, that I decided to add it to the mix.

Cold War Hans Zimmer and the Magnificent Six

Speaking of variations of the main theme, this one also sounds really nice. Hans Zimmer did great job with this soundtrack! :)

Honest The Neighberhoud

Another track from the „Amazing Spiderman 2″ soundtrack. This time a regular song, which caught my attention in the cinema, because of the chorus, in which the singer sounds like Mike Posner, whom I like. How funny it was when I realized it was The Neighberhoud song in the end. The song isn’t one of my favourites this months, but it sounds nice enough to spread it around (especially due to the beginning of the chorus!)

I Won’t Let You Go Snow Patrol

When the screen came to black after finishing „Divergent” and this song came up, it immediately cought my attention, as it was made exactly in the style of music I like. And thus I was wondering who sings it. And when I realised it was Snow Patrol, it all made sense. :)

I will find you Zedd

Actually I feel preety dychotomic about this one. At one hand it’s a bit too sugary and poppy, on the other hand it started playing in my head on repeat. And it also strongly reminds me of something, but I cannot wrap up my mind around it. Plus I am not sure if it really goes well with „Divergent”, but let’s say: why not? :P

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  1. ~Eweilina fotograf

    12 maja 2014 o 09:26

    Same świetne kawałki :)

  2. ~Anna

    13 maja 2014 o 13:24

    Jak zwykle masę jakościowej treści, tym razem na temat muzyki. Dzięki!


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