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16 maj

While in Prague, I had experienced many various atractions, which made this stay one of the funnest visits of the year. One of the attractions I want to talk to you about is the Tim Burton Exhibiton, held in the House of the Stone Bell (Dům U Kamenného zvonu).

The exhibition, which started traveling the world in 2009 is a collection of Tim Burton’s artifacts – sketchings, drawings, painintgs, photography, sculptures and video, which show the fantastic world of director’s imagination.

The most interesting part for me was the collection of napkins from different restaurants and hotels on which the director drew sketches of people sitting around and some general ideas for future characters. What is impressive about this collection is the fact that it took up a whole wall of space and showcased many different themes. I liked it especially, because some of the drawings really made it into the future movies Burton made. For example that Turtle Godzilla-like monster from „Frankenweenie”? It’s there!

Equally impressive is the collection of holiday and get well cards, which shows the dark humour, which is visible in all of Burton’s work.

Really impressive were also the paintngs made by director himself. Oil on canvas as well as chalk drawings presented themselves in a really good manner and shown big artistic skill of Tim. Really interesting thing happened also with one of the movie showings. „Hansel and Gretel”, a movie made for Disney Channel in 1982, is a retelling of famous Grimm Brother’s tale with Japanese actors. With over 40 minutes long, only half of the movie is okayish, the rest is just simply, well, boring. And the reason for choosing Japanese actors is never explained, nor makes any actual sense story-wise. The world seen in „Hansel and Gretel” seems to be europocentric, rather than embedded in japanese culture. So all in all it’s a really weird mixture. A good point of the movie is the fact that some toy designs are really cool, the intro made by Vincent Price is alright too, but the movie itself? Not really worth seeing. No wonder Disney Channel showed it only once. It might be a nice experience for die-hard Burton fans, but even them will probably see that something has failed here.

If „Hansel and Gretel” won’t match your expectations, you can also lay back and watch some of the well-known Burton’s movies in the cinema room at the lower level of the museum. There are several movie showings every day included in the price of admition. And if you have already seen most of the famous work of the director, there is also a special showing of a cartoon TV-show, made under Burton’s supervision as well.

As for the exhibition itelf, it was well worth the visit and I enjoyed every minute of it. If you are going to be in Prague in the next few months (the exhibit is held in the Czech capitol until 3rd of August), do yourself a favour and visit it. :)

For more info on the exhibition you can check the offical website.

PS. TFD Filip for company and lending me some photos :)

My favourite! The painting of Pinguin is something
I would definitely to have in my house one day! ;)

The ghost dog are nice too :)

Figurines from „Frankenweenie” and „Nightmare Before Christmas”

Little Dead Riding Hood :D

1. The boy with nails in his eyes put up his aluminium tree.
It looked pretty strange, because he couldn’t really see.
2. Trick or Treat                                                        3. Ta-Da

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