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17 lip

Sing Ed Sheeran

Welcome back, Ed to this list! ;) The newest song by the British singer-songwritter came to me as a surprise – I just heard it on the radio (actually also playing in the shopping mall) and insanteniously liked it. I didn’t realise at first that it’s even Sheeran’s song. The revelation came later, when after SounHounding it, I played it on YouTube and then got it on my phone and started listening to it on constant repeat (for at least 1,5 hours). And yet – it hold its ground and made me fall in love with it even more. It’s all because it’s super positive, upbeat song, with echoes of Mraz’s stylistic (yeah, yeah – they both are white guys playing guitars, which goes in hand with THIS joke) ;)


June was the month of Orange Warsaw Festival, which means I revived my love to some of my favourite artists and discovered their new material.

It is also  a good opportunity to great my dear friends, who embarked on this magnificent musical journey with me. TFD dearies! :)

Days Are Forgotten Kasabian

Not really new, but definitely the best song performed at the festival, the most energetic and stuck in mind, so a place on this list was inevitable.

eez-eh Kasabian

Amazing song from the newest album, which makes me sing and dance every time I hear it.

Temple Kings of Leon

I rediscovered new album after hearing it live and this song played around in my head few days after the show, so I decided to share it.

Don’t Matter Kings of Leon

Similar situation to one described above.

Everybody Fuckin’ Jump Blasterjaxx

One of the best songs in Martin Gariix’s setlist, which made us smile and, well, jump every time it was on. A small anthem of the festival I would even say ;)

Bad David Guetta & Showtek feat. Vassy

Song from Guetta’s setlist, which

Higher Ground TNGT

Well, I heard this song many times (one of the first times during the Bastille’s concert), but never really remembered it and so every time I heard it at parties I sounhounded it, just to be surprised that yeah, it’s the same song ;) So know, finally, I put this on the list ;) 

+ Twerk It Like Miley Brandon Deal feat. Christopher

Tune discovered at some of the campuses parties. The beat made us dance and then when we discovered it’s Christopher’s song we liked it even more. And I enjoyed it live at his concert as well ;) (More on that soonish)

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  1. ~Adam

    21 lipca 2014 o 23:14

    Jaki Pan taki kram chciało by się rzec – w końcu mamy za Premiera wybitnego literata więc i jego SOKiście to służbiści. A kraina piękna zwłaszcza Wolsztyn.

  2. ~thekretka

    24 lipca 2014 o 14:25

    Świetny blog, ciekawe wpisy, chętnie będę tutaj wpadać!:-)


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