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05 sie

July was the month of new CD’s coming into my hands, Roskilde Festival, which gave me a lot of new musical discoveries and the time when I came back to Poland and got my hands on Jason Mraz’s newest CD (which actually means that my whole Erasmus experience was under Mraz’s wings – I left to Denmark right after Jason’s concert in Warsaw and came back on the exact same date as his latest disc became public. Ah, how do you not love this guy? ;) ). So without further ado, here is the list of new musical discoveries made lately.

Love Runs Out OneRepublic

Newest song by OneRepublic, which acordying to the band was even recorded in Copenhagen, is a stellar song, which bring a huge smile to one’s face. It’s no „Counting Stars” (one of the best songs of 2013), but it still sounds simply amazing! :D


MR.A-Z’s newest CD is the slowest one yet, with the really chill slow tempo ballads, which all seem like played in the exact same style. It took me some time to like the album and for now there are only three songs on „YES!” that really stole my heart. The rest still needs a bit of work from my side ;) Nevertheless – here are my two favourites

Hello, You Beautiful Thing Jason Mraz

Long Drive Jason Mraz

O.Lover Jason Mraz

While listening to the new album and finding it a bit too on the slow side, I went back to the old albums as well and discovered some pretty nice tunes I didn’t fully discover before. One of them is the catchy and upbeat (although starting slowly and …) tune O.Lover. Favourite part? The fast finale with the „Mystic Lover” line <3


Battle Cry Imagine Dragons

Tune out of the Transformers soundtrack, where it took place of the ususal Linkin Park’s song. Catchy, well suited with the movie itself, clearly showcasing Dan Reynold’s intriguing voice. Although while hearing it in the movie I wondered if Chester could pull this voice off too, so I wasn’t 100% sure it was Dan (it was rather 80%). And the line „Do or Die” is a bit rip-off’y of 30 Seconds to Mars’ „Do or Die” song ;)


Klaxons’ new CD

Klaxons’ new effort is an interesting piece of work, which …

Out of The Dark Klaxons

Invisible Forces Klaxons

Rhytm of Life Klaxons


Kasabian’s new CD

Although I put some Kasabian’s song in the previous setlist, the last few weeks definitely belonged to them – playing their songs on constant repeat helped me travel thousands of kilometers and bring smile on my face every time. So I would like to continue sharing my love for the British band with you.

Treat Kasabian

After falling in love with them all over again after Orange Warsaw Festival and getting hands on their newest CD „48:13″ I couldn’t stop listening to them. Now I’ve finally got almost all CDs from their discography

Switchblade Smiles Kasabian

Bumblebee Kasabian

Doomsday Kasabian


Problem Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azeala

I like this one mainly because of it’s rap parts ;)


Christopher isn’t a new name on this list, as I’ve presented his song „Told You So” in April and his collaboration on „Twerk It Like Miley” in June. After those events I have seen him live and what amazed me – even though he is strictly pop artist, even he sounded waaaaay better live than on the recordings and those two songs, acompanied with the two mentioned previously were definite highlights of the show. Live version of „High on Life” sounded even like something produced by Martin Garrix – something you cannot really hear in the studio version. Nevertheless – those are still pretty nice, catchy pop songs, so ENJOY! ;)

Mama Christopher

High on Life Christopher


PS. On the polish radio I’ve heard Undressed by Kim Cesarion and Liar Liar by Cris Cab – songs introduced few months back on the Music of the Month playlist ;)

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