Music of November, part I

22 lis

Beginning of November gave me such an amazing music mix, that I’ve decided to share it quicker than usual. :D

And you can actually call this one – The Hunger Games mix, as I’ve discovered all of these songs due to the Katniss Everdeen saga. ;)

Who We Are Imagine Dragons

This song fell from the sky for me. I’ve noticed it on the end credits of „Catching Fire” while watching it the second time during one day. Intrigued by the Of Monsters and Men song, which I didn’t hear before, I’ve stuck to the end of the credits, when I saw the name of my favourite band. How on Earth did I miss this the first time around? What kind of fan am I? I feel so extremely happy that I

Especially beacause it lead me to discover…

Warriors Imagine Dragons

„Warriors”! Which I loved since the first seconds. This is exatly the kind of music I love from Imagine Dragons. Powerful, energetic and giving me the shivers down my spine and letting me feel so powerful myself. It’s exactly the kind of music they produce the best. Not that „I bet my life” stuff. THIS.IS.EPIC! :D <3

Yellow Flicker Beat Lorde

The first song that plays at the end credits of „Mockingjay, part 1″. It’s catchy, it’s nice and although it doesn’t suit the movie in 100%, it’s still pretty great.

The Hanging Tree Jennifer Lawrcence

The tune sung by the actress herself is an intriguing, a bit eery, but extremely emotional ballad that stays in your head for hours after hearing it for the fist time. Perfection! :)

As I’ve showed you all the songs from „The Hunger Games”, I’ve decided to add the track from the first movie, which suited it perfectly, was raw, emotional and full of power. And I’ve started listening to it again, as it nicely accompanies Lorde’s song from the third installment.

Two version, as they are a bit different and the demo was is even more raw. :) Both are cool :D

Abraham’s Daughter Arcade Fire (x2)

+ Bonus:

Silhouettes Of Monsters and Men

Song that playes at the end of „Catching Fire”, after „Magic” by Coldplay, which I still didn’t start to like. Sorry. ;)

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  1. ~Konrad Hudaś

    24 listopada 2014 o 00:35

    songs about are the best :)

  2. ~lumenmax

    24 listopada 2014 o 14:41

    Warriors – Imagine dragons najlepszy

  3. ~Norbert

    9 grudnia 2014 o 00:58

    zgadzam się z TObą lumenmax :) warrriors is the best


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