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12 lis

I slowly start to know what to exactly write in these music updates, so let me just present the music, alright ok? Hope you understand! :)

Show Me A Miracle Klaxons

After the concert I finally started to like this song. The funny thing is that my least-liked songs from the newest album, was the exact three singels they’ve put up. After the concert they finally started to grow on me. :)

West Coast The Neighbourhood

The song caught my attention during the bands concert, which made me download all the EP albums in addition to the longplay I already had. Very nice, very catchy, very good! :)


Blame Calvin Harris feat. John Newman

Good song from the radio! :)


I Bet My Life Imagine Dragons

As an Imagine Dragons fan, I was inclined to include this song. Even though that jury is still out on this one. It’s nice, but lacks… something to completely swoop me of my feet. And the chorus is the least appealing part actually. The verses are much more interesting, emotional and in the Imagine Dragons style I like. The chorus is just so… over the top I would say. I would even quote Keira Knightley from „Begin Again” – it’s too much trying to be stadium-pop, rather than just plain and simple as in verses.


Speaking of songs that don’t catch my attention 100%. This is the prime example – Geronimo Sheppard

Too much OneDirection, too little OneRepublic, even though the songs sounds like a mix of the too. It’s just that it’s too sweet, lacking the rock edge in the chorus which would make it unforgettable. The way it is presented now I kinda feel a bit ashamed for liking parts of it. It’s too sweet for my taste.

+ #BlastFromThePast

(a song I forgot to add in the previous parts of the „Music of…”)

Boy Oh Boy Diplo & GTA

Just a good party tune. :) (I guess partly it can be TFD Niklas) :)

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  1. ~Malineka

    21 listopada 2014 o 10:52

    Geronimo jest świetne. I nie ważne co będą mówić będę bronić.

  2. ~Mr Kocur

    21 listopada 2014 o 23:28

    beautiful songs


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