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23 sty

Hey there! I kinda forgot to put up a music list for December, as I fell into the working mode at the job of my dreams. :) So now I am putting a quick collection of the songs I’ve been listening to lately (also on the radio) which cought my attention and made me smile. Or want to dance. Or just … yeah! Just listen! ;)


Gold Imagine Dragons

Different style and I buy it completely. That’s the Dragons I love! :D (Did I tell you that after knowing ALL of their music, their debut album seems like the least awesome stuff out of their discography?) ;)


Uptown Funk Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

Very nice, very catchy oldschool tune. Nough said!


Que Pasa que ya no te veo Jowell Y Randy feat. Pitbull

The song I heard while driving a car in Hungary on my New Year’s trip with my friends. I liked it so much I’ve decided to look for it later. It reminds me of the Pitbull material he recorded for „2 Fast 2 Furious„, one of my favourite movies. ;)


Freaks Savage

ESKA discovery and I completely dig it! I cought see myself crazily dancing to it at our epic Erasmus parties! Or other parties as well for that matter! :D


Ten Tonne Skeleton Royal Blood

Eska Rock and Rock Radio play it often. And that’s how I fell for it so much! :) Completely my style! :D


Fever The Black Keys

Well, I love the original „Fever” and The Black Keys spin on it as eqully awesome as the original version and all those covers I loved before too! :D


My Life Kaiser Chiefs

I like it when it’s on the radio. Not really love it, but I won’t turn it off, so yeah – it’s nice! ;)


+ Blast from the Past

Sail Awolnation

The BEST song to listen on the way to work. I am telling you! Even Radio Eska knows it, as it actually plays every day when I drive to work. And when it doesn’t I put it up myself. Sometimes after it played on the radio! :D

Lonely Boy The Black Keys

Oh, it’s just a perfect song! Also reminding me of a completely different time in my life. Oh, I think I would enjoy their concert very much. Too bad I won’t be attending (but no worries – I will be doing something equally awesome that day :D (If you;re interested, you’ll learn what soon enough! :D Did I say I have a dream-job?) ;)

Live to Rise Soundgarden

Well, that was completely unexpected how deeply the memories surrounding this song were stuck inside me and how much emotional response a particular tune can have. Really – songs are one of the best vessels of emotions and memories. I hope it will be catharctic that I’ve put this song on this list. ;)


PS. I will try to post the BEST MUSIC OF 2014 soonish too!

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  1. ~Bartek

    28 stycznia 2015 o 22:46

    zaglądam na Twojego bloga od jakiegoś czasu i muszę przyznać, ze jest w nim coś wyjątkowo ciekawego – nie lubię nudnych wpisów, pozbawionych emocji i jakiegoś przesłania. a na Twoim blogu znajduję coś co przyciaga i zachęca do dalszego odwiedzania!

  2. ~adam

    9 lutego 2015 o 09:03

    Wszystkie powyższe piosenki są świetne i szybko wpadają w ucho :), dzięki za tę listę.


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