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Roskilde Festival 2014 – Day 5-8

14 wrz



DAY 4 #GoOrangeBeforeYouGoHome

I miss yesterday’s post and now I feel too tired to post about today

So let me just tell you this – THE Rolling Stones are one classy act, energetic, fun, great contact with the audience, speaking danish, reminescing about the good old days of the first Rosklide Festival, which they were playing at. (Reminescing about playing at Tivoli too). Simply amazing. One of the best concert memories ever! One class act, nothing compares! I even teared up a little at the end when they played Satisfaction! PURE AWESOME!

The Rolling Stones


What a nice day! Sunny, warm, less crowded than during The Rolling Stones day. Saw some nice bands too

Dilated Peoples

Very nice hip-hop group, whose song about war was the highlight of the set. Chilled back and relaxed vocals


With a name like that I wasn’t expecting a relaxed pop music sung by girls. Very uplifting and nice And one of the singers looked a bit like Kirsten Sterwart, especiallly when she was playing with her hair.

I also really like the poster which they had in the back.


Again very uplifting and optimistic music, performed by three girls and two guys. Light-rock rhytms, nice percussion work made by both the main drummer and then one of the Haim sisters. Pretty decent show, which left a smile on our faces.


Rock with the Wolfmother heavinness (or rather lightness), which was a nice backdrop for the chill-out session on the grass before the craziness of the rest of the day. Good show, but not really staying long in my mind after.

Damon Albarn

Very good show, accompanied with Gorrilaz and Blur songs, which for me had the best part with singing Kids with guns at the beginning of the set. Guests visiting the stage who helped Albarn play the most famous Gorrilaz songs (Clint Eastwood and Feel Good) were definitely one of the most amazing moments as well. (Especially during Clint Eastwood I felt like transformed back to my childhood, when I first heard this song and danced around to it in my living room. Oh, the power of music). Albarn was definitely one of the best acts of the day, although…

… detronized by Rob Zombie, whose raw rock energy, intriguing dance moves and funny stage jumps, alongside his nice contact with the audience (although including screaming at them: You say „Rock”, you say „Mother-fucker”) gave us the amazing experience and lifted the band to #1 of the day. Raw energy and shitload of positive emotions. That’s how you roll! Amazing. I dig it so much! Have some albums to catch up too after the show.

The day ended with Trentemøller, Danish electronic act, which had really different approach to music, everchanging from decent to boring tunes made by band on stage. Mostly without music, just industrial noise sometimes it captivated the attention and sometimes it just bored to death. Weird setlisting decision, but overally, during better songs I can see why Danes are so proud of the guy.

Rob Zombie


Oh man, what a day! I feel completely and utterly stimulated, danced like crazy, jumped even craziers and generally fell madly in love with the Festival. And all this because of one band!

But first things first, let’s do it chronologically

Bottled in England

Very nice rock-electro Danish band that captivated the audience near Apollo stage, one of the nicest looking stages here (it is shaped as a big pumpkin). Very catchy, upbeat electronic sounds!

Psyched Up Janis

Danish rock band that was nice, but nothing really special as I didn’t really remember now much from them. I was already there to wait in line for the Artcic Monkeys

Manu Chao La Ventura

Manu Chao was really nice with their music, but in the midst of all the crazinness that went after them I don’t really know what to say about them now. They were nice, but didn’t stay in my mind so long. Apparently.

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

The star of the night, the major headliner for which I waited impatiently to see, as their new album rules extremely hard in every corner of the universe. They started from the high note, playing „Do I wanna know?”, one of their major hits, followed by „Snap out of it”, my favourite song off the new album „Arabella” and my all time favourite „Brianstorm”. So perfect beginning! Dynamic, energetic, full of positive energy. I even stayed close to the stage, so I saw everything, but due to the fact that the metal barrier was in front of me and nobody really crashed into me, as people were only tad bit crazy with their dance moves left me a bit understimulated in the next part of the concert, filled with a bit slowed down version of their songs. Perfect example comes in the shape of „Why’d you only call me when you’re high?”, which normally is very dancable, but in the slowed-down live version it was a bit „listen to the music” than dance to the music. Which was interesting choice, although again – understimulating a bit. They played most of their major hits and most of the perfect music from „AM”, although they didn’t have this much contact with the audience. Sometimes they screamed stuff and seemed happy, but generally they left (of Alex left) a feeling of being a bit too full of himself. Having had seen the three times now, it is funny to see the progress of his behaviour. The first time around, in … they felt like a humble little band, that just wanted to play music. Last year they were just confident and having very good contact with audience. This time around Alex was a bit too cocky, fixing his hair and stuff, whilst having just good enough contact with audience, which you canot really call perfect.

All in all – it was a good show, but not as great as I expected. Maybe part of the blame is in the audience itself that didn’t get as crazy as I expected. The show from last year stays the best Arctic Monkeys concert I attended to. This years was simply nice, but lacked overstimulating cherry on the top, which would make me talk about it for weeks to come. It was simply good!

(Side note: Or maybe I am just exagurating. after all Alex said: See you in the Dance Tent in the end. (Although no idea were that is :P)

All of my complaiints about understimulation, so-so contact with audience and generally all bitching around i just spirylle in the paragraphs above, got their full anwser in the name of Major Lazer, whose concert was one of THE BEST THINGS to happen at this festival. Energetic as fuck, people went ballistic witht the craziness and the band had such an amazing contact with audience that they literally did everything you can do with a concert audience. Mosh-pits, running circles (tsunami’s and running tsunami’s as they called them), undressing the audience, telling them to throw their T-shirt away to the other side of the stage, who will jump the highest contests, calling a person from the crowd on stage to dance his ass off to make a country proud, letting that guy lie on the ground while girls dance on top of him and then sending him via crowd-surfing all the way back to the end, high-fiving the audience while running to them, kissing the audience while visiting them near the stage and, probably most importantly… running ON the audience in a giant ballon ball. Man, shit went down on this concert and I felt energetic as ever, smiling all the time and enjoying every last bit of it.

Major Lazer were a bomb that exploded on the Orange Stage and gave people energy for a long while. You could almost feel the endorfins above the stage, it was that level of awesome! Their show filled with amazing danceable music, accompanied with their hit songs that stay in your head long after you have heard them made this concert the best one yet at the festival and made me completely, head over hills fell in love with the Festival. THAT.WAS.FUCKING.AMAZING I want more!

Sleigh Bells

The night ended with a surprise twist. While walking to the exit, I heard this band playing and they immidiately caught my attention. Rock with electronic elements filled the speakers in the Arena and I stayed to hear their music till the end of the set. And man, what an awesome music it was. A mixture with rock riffs and electronic tunes, accompanied with nice powerful vocals gave this show a really good atmosphere, which I was completely drawned into.

My discovery of the day, definitely and a perfect way to end an amazing day! Tak For Det!

Arctic Monkeys


(or actually, counting Sunday as #Day1, #Day8)

Ah, what a beautiful, beautiful day! After falling in love head over heels (and apparently walking some hills too) with the festival and having endorfin-rush from yesterday, I enjoyed the festival to the fullest.

It started easy, with a performance of Deerhunter, which was okayish, but nothing really major. It started nicely, with cool rock beats, but then went into more boring repetetive territory, so in all it didn’t captivate my attention that much. One funny thing worht mentioning is the fact that the bandmembers, travelling from US completety ate up one day all the time thinking that today (or Sunday to be more precise) is the 5th of July.

Then came the moment I have been waiting for with impatience – the Kasabian concert.

Which was fucking amazing and I was right in front of the stage People could have been a tad more into it, as at some parts I was the only one around me jumping around and screaming the lyrics, but other than that – perfect show in full sunshine. Great energy coming from the band who played an amazing set filled with great music. Eez-eh was amazing live and this time around the song which stuck in my head after was Stevie. (Which is a nice foreshadowing for the rest of the night, but about this in a second). My favourite from the last concert – Days Are Frogotten was dedicated to Jack White and sounded as good as always. I even got my other favourite to be played. Re-Wired was omitted from the Warsaw show, but here it was played in it’s full glory. Both singers had an amazing contact with the audience, persuading us to jump as high as we can, going down on the ground and even dedicating songs to people in the crowd. There was no mosh-pits though as there was not enough people for it.

Either way the concert was amazing, fulfilled all my wishes and now I am even more in love with the group and I await another visit from them in the future. Great performance, also from the visual point of view. A big screen behind the stage showed different words in black/white and pink, the colors of the new album. Visually stunning performance, which ended with Tom singing „I just called to say I love you” acapella Very nice touch!



Apparently the whole crowd was listening to the Danish singer Mo rather than going for Kasabian, as when we went to the tent stage where she was playing it was crowded as fuck. The singers raw energy, nice vocals and interesting pop-rock music gave away why it could be like this. The girl is a nice energetical force, whose songs are really easily likeable. Nice performance, although I don’t get why would you see her, when you could have seen Kasabian at the same time. I mean – what the crowd?

The song that stuck in my head was a nice foreshadowing as the most emotional concert of the day was the performance of Stevie Wonder. He gathered an enormous amount of people in front of the stage and sang in unison with them his most famous hits. I had a tear in my eyes while songs like „I just called to say I love you” played, as I really have heard them all my life. Stevie is this kind of legend. He also had a great contact with audience, letting men and women sing different parts of the song. It was a sunny, optimistic and very uplifting performance, with few speeches about equality as well as things like: It is understandable that a man has more than one woman. Very decent, emotional show. True highlight of the day!

Jack White who finished the festival was awesome as well. Coming in as a replacement for Drake, he made an amazing upgrade to the festival’s line-up. „When Drake’s doctors called us (I don’t know if you know, but we share the same doctor” and asked us if we want to play, we said Of course we wanna play Roskilde. Why didn’t you ask us before? ” He gave a solid rock performance, showcasing some of the hits from The White Stripes and The Racounters, as a addition to the solo stuff he was presenting. And ending the set and the whole festival with the Seven Nation Army was an amazing way to finish an amazingly crazy week. Stellar performance, which showed the depth of White’s voice and his overall likeabillity. He was just amazing with the crowd. True showman!

Overall I really enjoyed the whole festival, feel like this was an amazing and unforgettable experience .

TAK FOR DET (or should I say TASKI HEJ) Roskilde Festival, it was amazing!

160 thousand people on Stevie Wonders concert.

It was so crowded I was far out from the stage (which can be seen on the left, behind the trees, where this white flag is)

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Roskilde Festival 2014 – Day 1-3

14 wrz

The time has come for the short recap of Roskilde Festival, my first international festival. 8 days of fun and music in the sunny (during that time) Denmark. So without further ado, let’s crack this baby! ;) (This post is a collection of Facebook status updates made during the festival itself, so it’s the freshest account of my high-flying emotions during that period). :)



#GoOrangeBeforeYouGoHome – That’s exactly what I’m doing, being in Roskilde for Roskilde Festival

1st day impressions – organisational madness (Madness, I tell you), many, many people, much trash everywhere, cool people riding rollerblades in rollerblade area, some nice DJ set as the opening act for the Festival. And many happy, smiley people!

I feel it’s gonna be an amazing week! Oh, and the Twitter Page of Roskilde Festival even posted a photo of me today (it’s not me on the skateboard though).


Today was awesome! Saw many live bands, which were really amazing (more on that later), collected cans to earn the ticket I bought, survived the rain under one of the stages and met some nice random people! I also enjoyed the way the Apollo stage looks like – like on big pumpkin. Funny stuff. Walked shitload as I did not use any public transport today and enjoyed every minute of it!

Now onto the bands

Blaue Blume

Stylistically they were like Everything Everything, with the high-pitched voice and popish music. Nice, good concert for the sunny beginning

The Divers (!!)

My choice of the day and the band I have to follow more thoroughly now. Danish, playing pop-rock like from 80s with electronic parts, which brough me very positive energy. I also noted a funny lyric from them: ”I think I sit on a shell in hell”

We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself

This name rules, the band itself was only good! Electronica all the way through, I would describe it as „weird”, but allowing to dance and enjoy!


Electronic DJ, whose music sounded like he put one song on repeat. One word: NO! (Maybe in the sun it would strike me better than in the beginning of the rain period though)

Sloa Kivnar

Rock energy all the way through, very dynamic, very upbeat, very uptempo. Fun, fun, fun! Nod your head and stuff, guitar riffs and raw female vocal. Nice!

Jaako Eino Kalevi

Very nice, very danceable, pop-electronica with elements of funk. Catchy and nice. Last concert we saw today and it’s high point was the excessive use of fog, which at some point made it look like we were in a tent. Nice visual feeling!

Alright then, that’s a wrap for today! TFD, Roskilde (or actually tusend fucking tak, Roskilde, as the rappers said yesterday!)


I feel like I want to write something, but am too tired to do so. (I have spent 10 hours on Festival site :D)

Either way Mont Oliver my choice of the day – very good, very catchy electro-pop, the first band at Roskilde Festival worthy of my whistling. Also (for now) the most crowded one!

Second choice – My Heart The Brave

Very nice Danish pop band, which also romances with electronica. Very danceable and giving people red heart-shaped baloons was a nice touch.

The rest?

Tildige Armband (aaa, don’t really remember :P), Communions (rockish) Unkwon (NO, no, too much DJs electronica. noisey rather than dancable ), Kindred Fever (fun! rockish-popish, nice), RA (rockish, okayish), Say Lou Lou (nice pop, but the volume was waaaay to loud for this type of music. nevertheless – falls out of mind quickly), Fortress (very nice rock-rock band, which i unfortunately saw only one song).

All in all – good day either way! #Sunny


PS. Funny bonus off Rosklide Festival’s Twitter page

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The Best of 2014

29 gru

Rok 2014 był dla mnie rokiem szczególnym. Erasmus, Roskilde Festival, propozycja współpracy na rzecz wznowienia Miesięcznika Film, wizyta na trzech znaczących Festiwalach Filmowych, wiele zawirowań w życiu osobistym, a także ogromna, niespotykana dotąd ilość wizyt w przybytku X Muzy. W drugim półroczu tak żwawo i ohoczo wziąłem się do roboty, że w pół roku pobiłem wszystkie rekordy lat poprzednich, notując aż 115 wizyt w kinie. Wynik ten wywindowała bytność na trzech dużych festiwalach, czyli Festiwalu w Gdyni, Warszawie oraz na łódzkiej Kamerze Akcji. Łącznie na festiwalach obejrzałem bowiem aż 44 pozycje.

Koniec roku to czas podsumowań, więc ze wszystkich obejrzanych tegorocznych filmów sporządziłem krótką listę NAJLEPSZYCH. Oto TOP 5 Anno Domini 2014:

(pełne recenzje filmów po kliknięciu w zdjęcia)

Guardians of the Galaxy

Czysta, niczym nieskrępowana rozrywka, garściami czerpiąca z Kina Nowej Przygody i nagminnie ukazująca, że lata 70. i 80. były najlepsze! Wyraziści bohaterowie i pełne humoru sytuacje sprawiają, że pierwszy raz wyszedłem z kina, mając ochotę płynnie przejść na kolejny seans. (Film akurat znów zaczynał się za 20 minut). Magia Kina. I am Groot!

Cold in July

Obraz, który w trakcie trwania kilkakrotnie diametralnie zmienia swoją stylistykę, a jednak przez cały czas trzyma w napięciu i zaskakuje pomysłami dramatycznymi. Wielka niespodzianka i inteligentna gra z widzem.

The Guest

Lata 80. wiecznie żywe! „Gość” to hołd wszystkim B-klasowym thrillerom z lat 80. i 90., który w pełni zdaje sobie sprawę ze swojej gry formą, celowo puszczając do widza oko. Świetnie zrealizowany (kolorystyka, muzyka) i zagrany (Dan Stevens jako nowy Ryan Gosling), wywołuje szczery uśmiech na ustach już od sekwencji napisów początkowych. Jedna z najlepszych niespodzianek.


Obraz Spike’a Jonze’a w przewrotny sposób – mężczyzna zakochuje się w swoim spersonalizowanym i mówiącym ludzkim głosem komputerze (ponętnie artykułująca słowa Scarlett Johannson) – pokazuje wrażliwość zakochanego człowieka.

Lego: Przygoda

Film opowiadający o nieograniczonej sile wyobraźni. Niezwykle zabawny, przywołujący wiele znanych dzieł kultury, stawiając je w innym świetle. Obraz, który ugruntował wysoką hollywoodzką pozycję Christophera Millera i Philla Lorda, twórców równie udanych filmów z serii „21 Jump Street”. „Lego Movie” to zabawa na całego. Po prostu „Everything is awesome”!

+ bonus: Veronica Mars

Spełnienie marzeń każdego fana serialu, czyli kontynuacja serialowego żywota Veronici i jej znajomych. Na dodatek ten film powstał także dzięki mnie (kickasterd it, people! :D), dlatego mam szczególny sentyment do tego obrazu. Ocena 10/10 <3 jest więc czysto fanowska, ale obiektywnie  obraz zasługuje na jakieś 7/10, więc źle też nie jest ;)

Inne wysoko oceniane obrazy, które choć świetnie bawią, zostają w pamięci i podobały mi się niezmiernie, nie mogły trafić do listy NAJlepszych:

Captain America: Winter Soldier, Get On Up, Interstellar, Kebab i Horoskop, Jeziorak, Gone Girl,  Whiplash, Imitation Game, Bogowie

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: the band: MONT OLIVER

10 lis

Finally, another post in the „I present to you” music series. It’s been a long time since I’ve dedicated one post for a band*, fosucing mostly on showing you the recent hits from different genres. But now I have made a nice discovery, which could actually work under #HipsterAlert title, as they are still mostly recognizible in their motherland. And we should definitely change that by spreading their sound all around. So now, without any further ado, I give you:

MONT OLIVER is a Danish band I have discovered while at Roskilde Festival. They made a nice impression on me live and were the first band during the Intro-Days that deserved my loud clapping and whistling, as they showcased an amazing rock energy I really like and admire. In other words: they bought me completely with their amazing show. I even wrote about them that first day: „Either way Mont Oliver is my choice of the day – very good, very catchy electro-pop, the first band at Roskilde Festival worthy of my whistling. Also (for now) the most crowded one!”.

I rediscovered them again in September and listened to them extensively. Their style is so eclectic, combining pop, alt-rock, rap and electronic music that I couldn’t do anything else, but to fall head over heels for it. And those vocals? A bit Woodkid-like I would say, which is another compliment for the artists. I also like the Timbaland-like parts, which add an additional layer of awesome to the music.

Problem with writing/showing anything about the band is the fact that they’ve only published one EP record – „19„, containing six songs and only half of them are available online. Fortunately it’s not impossible to get a hold of this amazing EP and even more fortunately the best one’s of the disc, are the three that you can find on YouTube. Each track showcases the band’s unique style and sinks in your brain for longer time. Truly amazing! I am really waiting for them to finally drop their debut album, which is still being recorded.

So now, finally time to listen to some gems. „19” is my absolute favourite, mixing such different elements with an amazing effect. My second favourite „Golden Glow” isn’t available online, but both „Give Me Nothing” and „White Sheets” also sound spectacular. So without more words – just give it a listen and love it as much as I do. :)


Give Me Nothing

White Sheets

That would be it, I guess! I hope you’ll enjoy their music as much as I do! :)

Useful links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


PS. * (although Walk The Moon so deserves this spot and I should finally look into that)

** [TASKI HEJ]? I still don’t know how to write it in Danish, the greeting that everyone ended their concerts with.

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Music of August

13 wrz

No introduction necessary this time I guess. I present to you new batch of awesome music, (re)discovered last month! ENJOY! :)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye feat. Tammi Terrell

Tune straight from the „Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. In other words song called – I dare you not to be emotional while watching the montage with the scene this song is presented in. Pure emotional gold! :D

Hooked on a Feeling Blue Swede

Cherry Bomb The Runaways

Another awesome track out of the „Guardians of the Galaxy” playlist and an amazing reminder of a classic song, introduced in my life by the great teen show called „The O.C” (incidentally also staring Chris Pratt)

Riptide Vance Joy

Just an awesome song heard on the radio. I like it a lot! :)

Lovers on the Sun David Guetta feat. Sam Martin

TFD Hana for introducing this song to me. It started to grow on me everytime I hear it on the radio. :)

Wiggle Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg

It’s very catchy (that repetetive beat in the chorus is so good), not serious and plays on the radio a lot ;)

God’s Whisper Raury

A song from the end-credits of „Lucy” and the best part of the whole movie. Nice tunes, just so! :)



Here I present to you music I was supposed to present in the previous posts, but for whatever reason I forgot. So here they are in all their glory! :)

Ready Aim Fire Imagine Dragons

Emma Imagine Dragons

I listened to both songs while randomly driving around the coastline in Roskilde, walking on the beach and stuff. Ah, good times! :)

(Bonus note: #SnobAttack. Now I actually like their stuff not from their album „Night Visions” way more than the one’s on that album (or maybe I’ve just heard them too often. (Although „Radioactive” still is my #1))

Jungle X Ambassadors

Song from Teen Wolf’s first episode. Also the song that iTunes gave me for free at almost the same time I saw the 4×01. Catchy! :)

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Music of July

05 sie

July was the month of new CD’s coming into my hands, Roskilde Festival, which gave me a lot of new musical discoveries and the time when I came back to Poland and got my hands on Jason Mraz’s newest CD (which actually means that my whole Erasmus experience was under Mraz’s wings – I left to Denmark right after Jason’s concert in Warsaw and came back on the exact same date as his latest disc became public. Ah, how do you not love this guy? ;) ). So without further ado, here is the list of new musical discoveries made lately.

Love Runs Out OneRepublic

Newest song by OneRepublic, which acordying to the band was even recorded in Copenhagen, is a stellar song, which bring a huge smile to one’s face. It’s no „Counting Stars” (one of the best songs of 2013), but it still sounds simply amazing! :D


MR.A-Z’s newest CD is the slowest one yet, with the really chill slow tempo ballads, which all seem like played in the exact same style. It took me some time to like the album and for now there are only three songs on „YES!” that really stole my heart. The rest still needs a bit of work from my side ;) Nevertheless – here are my two favourites

Hello, You Beautiful Thing Jason Mraz

Long Drive Jason Mraz

O.Lover Jason Mraz

While listening to the new album and finding it a bit too on the slow side, I went back to the old albums as well and discovered some pretty nice tunes I didn’t fully discover before. One of them is the catchy and upbeat (although starting slowly and …) tune O.Lover. Favourite part? The fast finale with the „Mystic Lover” line <3


Battle Cry Imagine Dragons

Tune out of the Transformers soundtrack, where it took place of the ususal Linkin Park’s song. Catchy, well suited with the movie itself, clearly showcasing Dan Reynold’s intriguing voice. Although while hearing it in the movie I wondered if Chester could pull this voice off too, so I wasn’t 100% sure it was Dan (it was rather 80%). And the line „Do or Die” is a bit rip-off’y of 30 Seconds to Mars’ „Do or Die” song ;)


Klaxons’ new CD

Klaxons’ new effort is an interesting piece of work, which …

Out of The Dark Klaxons

Invisible Forces Klaxons

Rhytm of Life Klaxons


Kasabian’s new CD

Although I put some Kasabian’s song in the previous setlist, the last few weeks definitely belonged to them – playing their songs on constant repeat helped me travel thousands of kilometers and bring smile on my face every time. So I would like to continue sharing my love for the British band with you.

Treat Kasabian

After falling in love with them all over again after Orange Warsaw Festival and getting hands on their newest CD „48:13″ I couldn’t stop listening to them. Now I’ve finally got almost all CDs from their discography

Switchblade Smiles Kasabian

Bumblebee Kasabian

Doomsday Kasabian


Problem Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azeala

I like this one mainly because of it’s rap parts ;)


Christopher isn’t a new name on this list, as I’ve presented his song „Told You So” in April and his collaboration on „Twerk It Like Miley” in June. After those events I have seen him live and what amazed me – even though he is strictly pop artist, even he sounded waaaaay better live than on the recordings and those two songs, acompanied with the two mentioned previously were definite highlights of the show. Live version of „High on Life” sounded even like something produced by Martin Garrix – something you cannot really hear in the studio version. Nevertheless – those are still pretty nice, catchy pop songs, so ENJOY! ;)

Mama Christopher

High on Life Christopher


PS. On the polish radio I’ve heard Undressed by Kim Cesarion and Liar Liar by Cris Cab – songs introduced few months back on the Music of the Month playlist ;)

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